Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday Present.

After the one day rest, as usual early morning go to office....
One of my col Yeap request me company her go to toilet,
for me "OK lor" maybe got something to *8* dim ... hahaha :P
so I just follow lorrr... Actually they all want to give me a surprise!!!

My Col Chan, Sim, Kong, Yeap, Cat and Ken bought me
a lot birthday present's... *_*

Cute Couple Doll and special gift for me and Bento ... >_<

Anna Sui Hand Mirror.

Dinner Bag.

A Small Birthday Card.

Thanks You !!! I like the present very much ....


Birthday Celebration ... :D

Yesterday is my Birthday, to avoid something not supposed
to happen...?
So I take one day AL to celebrate my birthday.... *Hou ler*

So how I celebrate my *2?* birthday...
ofcos bento will celebrate with me >_<
Hmm... We think a lot restaurant like "小小", El Cerdo (上车店)...
at the end me and bento decide go to Sri Pertaling "大排档"
eat my favor "Ham Tan Crab”...

We order Vegi,LaLa and Big Crab.

The crab Kiap same as my 3 finger, really taste good!!!

Again, he non stop eating... o_O||

After the dinner, bento suggest go Secret Receipt to order
a slice of mango delight cake to celebrate my birthday ...
*This year better then last year at least got cake not ice-cream ... ha-ha!!!*

This year bento buy me the birthday present is... 噔噔噔噔!!!
** DKNY ~ Town and country hand bag **

TQ for the present... *Mua X 2*


Monday, March 23, 2009

准备卖身契约 。。。完成了!!!

Saturday, I and bento go to 天后宫 again to submit the ROM form.
We reach there around 10 AM; surprise me that a lot of couple registers on that day. Almost every Saturday got 90++ couples will register *_*|| ... *walau aaaa*

It take about 45 mins to settle all the procedures...
also pay RM132 $_$. RM99 is for 天后宫 disbursement
and RM33 is for Commissioner for oaths, Processing Fees and Drafting of document.

Confirmed Ben & YY ROM date is on 16 May 2009.

Still Left...


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

准备卖身契约 。。。*将延期*

Suppose this weekend me and bento will go to "天后宫"
submit the ROM form ... a bit "Kan Cheong" d ... :P

But I think need to delay again due to some document
is not complete ... :S

Follow our select date *hmm* still left ....

Hope the delay would not affect our ROM date lo... all things will "soon soon li li" ... :|