Friday, October 17, 2008

What is ABCDE ?

A,B,C,D,E where each is a unique integer from 0 to 9.


So What is ABCDE ?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's ADVANCE ???

Why "PPL" like to forget their system password LeeEeer....?
But can always remember their ATM PIN no ... ^_^"

Why "B" likes to make me suffering because of reset password....?
And give me a "STUPID" suggestion to solve the "reset password" issue.

suggestion ..... ^_^"

B : Why user always can’t remember their password?
KT : Is "HUMAN" problem ... "B".
B : Then ask the user, every time reset password sent "New Password" to their own email and keep it ... then user wont forgot looOooOooor !!!
KT: ^_^"
KT : B ... policy is not allow WoW.
B : Not good arrr , then u think another "Advance" suggestion.

*** FYI, My Co. policy is not allow keep password in mail box
*** We only will give user a temp password to reset their password

When I listen to this suggestion, I almost "sor jor”... 有讲等于没讲.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Celebrate the 8th Anniversary of our relationship.

How we celebrate our 8th Anniversary?
We decided to go Jogoya to have a nice enjoy dinner.

The date where I stated relationship with him is on 30 Sep 2000...
Time passed so fast already 8 Years jor...

Maybe you guy’s will asking us a question like “How we can maintain our relationship so long???”

I also don’t know... Seriously… hahaha... :D

I meet him when both of us in a college time, and he like to sit
behide me and disturb me. He helps me a lot in my study ...
and a special “THING” too... :P.
I like to call him "鸭子", why got this name I ready can’t remember jor. Now he no more a school boy in front of me, but is a mature men which can protect me and support me.
I think can give 80 mark kua ... minus 20 marks is because he not romantic at all... and sometime made me cry ... :(

Finally, what I want to tell him is I'm so lucky to meet you and
I hope we can have a happy ending 啦... LOVE YOU!!!

Congratulations to my best friend ~ YinLi

Last Sunday I have a wedding dinner at Melacca. Happy to say that she found her MR Right!! Congratulation!!!

A special wedding dinner with a special deco stage with YinLi & her husband cartoon photo and a small firework when both of them "Ken Chow".

We all wishing both love birds happily ever after ...