Wednesday, October 28, 2009

无计划的点心游 。。。 *_*Y

Last week, my colleague organize a 富山Dim Sum trip。。。 *_*V
Early morning 5 o’clock wake up just for Dim Sum, we reach IPOH ard 9AM. A lot ppl waiting and is hard to find a table for us >_<'''

We are so lucky within 10 mins we can find a table for 8 … Haha!!!
Since is self service… our gentleman go out take Dim Sum for pretty lo~

My lovely colleague's all very nice to me... because I only sitting there waiting the food serve... and this is a last trip for me with my colleague's because after I change the new job scare no time to join their trip Jo :S ~ I promise if I got time I will join… ~

I LOVE Your All …

Since is 无计划的点心游...
after the dim sum dont know where to go >_<'''
No choice, we follow unplan driver round IPOH street...
i realise IPOH got a lot bridal shop lo~

Cont round and round IPOH Street will sick... so i suggest go
IPOH branch office get some direction ... wahahah!!!

So we follow one of the suggestions by my IPOH colleague…
we go 三宝洞 *_*V

I like this doll, he smile so HAPPY ...

Mr. Cari finally meets the 3 pretty Angel's ~ 如果没错有行动!!!

After 三宝洞 we go Gunung Lang *_*V ~
look like IPOH only got 洞..洞..洞 lo~

is time to lim teh jo... we all go Old.. Old Town.
Again a lot ppl.... after lim teh session...
~ no photo taken, cos too tired after the 洞..洞..洞 ~

we leave IPOH ard 4PM .... Bye Bye IPOH :D



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