Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Team Annual Lucky Draw Winner....

I’m the winner of this “Niu Year” ... 哈哈哈!!!

Wish All Happy Chinese New Year and 恭喜发财!!!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Car kena 'Kiss' at Federal Highway !!!

Yesterday my car kena force to kiss by one STUPID Honda City
... Shit!!!

After working I’m going to meet Bento and Bento Sis at MV
for a dinner. As u know after working hour Federal Highway will jam like a hell and my car is "STOP" but the driver don’t know is dreaming or what suddenly the car 'Kiss' my car ass ...

No choice has to find a place to check my car and "讲数" lor...
Lucky my car not in serious hit, just a bumper slightly drop... -_-||

Left Bumper

Right Bumper

We on the spot settle and ofcos I will ask for $_$ lar. I didn’t request much but the driver still want to nego with me... Walau!!! Now I know not all drive big car got $$$ lor !!! After the driver pay me $_$ then faster leave...