Monday, December 29, 2008

My Wedding Preparation ~ Hello Kitty Wedding Doll

This is my first thing which I buy for my wedding ...
Both of them will be my guess in my pre-wedding photo shooting because i want my wedding album a bit different from other
like a Taiwan drama call ~幸福的抉擇~ 的婚禮
but not follow the same 啦! ... 没钱吗!!!
So I only can do is my wedding album ... 哈哈:D

Hello Kitty Wedding Doll.



Saturday, December 27, 2008

Anna Sui Collection !!!

Start from today I got a long long holiday until next year
2 Jan 2009. I think is a good time for me to spend some time
to clean my room... :P
First I clean my makeup stuff...
I just realize this year I buy a lot of Anna Sui cosmetic... ~_~"

Let me show you all what i buy ... 嘻嘻!!!

Anna Sui Brush Stand with Brushes
Cheek Brush #1 (Blush Brush)
Eye shadow brush
Eye liner brush
Lip brush
Eyelash Curler
Brush Stand

Cheek Brush #1 (Blush Brush)

Eye shadow brush

Eye liner brush

Lip brush

Eyelash Curler

So this is all brushes I have at the moment... :P

Now i will show u my Anna Sui cosmetic ...

Anna Sui Moisturising Powder Foundation ~ B02

Anna Sui Eye Glitter ~ 001

Anna Sui Eye Color Accent ~ 303(L) 801(R)

Anna Sui Face Color Accent ~ 301

Anna Sui Rouge G ~ No not sure

That's all ... 哈哈哈 :D

O Yar !!! Every time when I buy something from Anna Sui counter the SA always will give Free Gift.

So the next target will be Anna Sui Hand Mirror...
Hope can get it soon larrr... 哇哈哈!!!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

This year received a lot of Christmas present... 哈哈哈!!!
Thanks to all my friend’s, colleague's, X-colleague,
and my cutie Nephew @ Nieces !!!

Wishing all have a wonderful Ho... Ho... Ho... Merry Christmas!!!

Last Friday Company organizes a Christmas Exchange gift,
not bad I received a carbonated white grape drink ...
Made in Belgium dim..嘻嘻!!!.. :P

Christmas Eve my lunch partner colleague's organize an exchange gift again... WoW!!!

Thanks SIM.

Thanks Chan Chan.

Thank Kong.

Thanks Juliet.

Thanks Frans. My favor HELLO KITTY... 哇哈哈!!!

Lastly Thanks cutie Nephew @ Nieces.

Overall it's a wonderful Christmas for me ... :D


Monday, December 15, 2008

NZX ~ Festive Funtasy

Last Saturday, Bento and me go to NZX - Festive Funtasy. Before we enter the Festive Funtasy, ofcos need to 医肚子 first lor but hor NZX really not much choice lor ...

After the survey, NZX only got "Big Apple" or "Full house" or 100'C. At the end Bento choice 100'C because Bento not really like the "Full house" Princess feel... 哈哈哈!

After the dinner at 100'C, we walk ard NZX. A big different from last time, now they more focus on toys and a special house decoration which is difficult can find at other location. If you want to deco ur house, i think NZX can help a bit ... ;P

OkOk!!!... Come back to Festive Funtasy.
The entry fee for adult is 10 dollar and children half price lor...
You can find a lot of your favorite Disney Character..... :)
Can’t show u too many cause when u go no surprise jor ... Hihi!!!

Beside The Disney Character, you also can use your tickets to exchange gift like cup, photo, T-shirt and etc.... So we use 2 tickets to exchange take a photo with Mickey Mouse.
like a 大小孩... 哇哈哈!!!
After taking photo you need to spend 30 mins to get the photo.

While waiting the photo ready, what we can do ler !?
Hmm ... ofcos shopping lor but just a window shopping lar ... :D

Bento ~ Hou choi hai window shopping dim ~ -_-" ~