Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Late Dinner @ Xenri

Last Weekend, I fully utilize my New Year holiday to search my house furniture!!!! Due to this mission, I found one Japanese restaurant called * Xenri * at Jalan Klang Lama. The food is nice and the environment also not bad !!! We reach there around is 9PM but still got a lot people, we spend 150++ for our late dinner ** the price reasonable ** for 3 person la ~~~

2010 Gathering we should go to this Japanese Restaurant ... *_*Y


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Finally we have done our Pre-wedding photo’s shooting. Is a very good experience but also a tired trip for us especially the out door shooting! A lot off smiling, kissing, hugging scene we have done. We used 12 hour to finish our Pre-wedding photo’s shooting, from 10 AM to 10 PM….. Unbelievable!!!

I have uploaded our 7 images to our Wedding Website
… Just click on!!!



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last Day in Ricoh

I'm leaving behind a lot of memories in Ricoh ...

My partner's it is accompanied me every day....

Last Milo provide by my Tea Lady ...


My stuff....

Seriously.... this is my last work in Ricoh..... Wahahah!!!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

无计划的点心游 。。。 *_*Y

Last week, my colleague organize a 富山Dim Sum trip。。。 *_*V
Early morning 5 o’clock wake up just for Dim Sum, we reach IPOH ard 9AM. A lot ppl waiting and is hard to find a table for us >_<'''

We are so lucky within 10 mins we can find a table for 8 … Haha!!!
Since is self service… our gentleman go out take Dim Sum for pretty lo~

My lovely colleague's all very nice to me... because I only sitting there waiting the food serve... and this is a last trip for me with my colleague's because after I change the new job scare no time to join their trip Jo :S ~ I promise if I got time I will join… ~

I LOVE Your All …

Since is 无计划的点心游...
after the dim sum dont know where to go >_<'''
No choice, we follow unplan driver round IPOH street...
i realise IPOH got a lot bridal shop lo~

Cont round and round IPOH Street will sick... so i suggest go
IPOH branch office get some direction ... wahahah!!!

So we follow one of the suggestions by my IPOH colleague…
we go 三宝洞 *_*V

I like this doll, he smile so HAPPY ...

Mr. Cari finally meets the 3 pretty Angel's ~ 如果没错有行动!!!

After 三宝洞 we go Gunung Lang *_*V ~
look like IPOH only got 洞..洞..洞 lo~

is time to lim teh jo... we all go Old.. Old Town.
Again a lot ppl.... after lim teh session...
~ no photo taken, cos too tired after the 洞..洞..洞 ~

we leave IPOH ard 4PM .... Bye Bye IPOH :D


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pre-Wedding Gown ~ 婚纱篇1

Last Saturday we go to bridal shop to select our wedding gown
for our pre-wedding photo shooting, is a funny trip because I’m like a Barbie Doll non-stop changing wedding gown…. Hihi!!!

We reach there ard 12 PM, and I also invite Si Khei @ Eric as my adviser when I select my wedding gown. ~~ TQ TQ ~~ Lucky im
not a choosy person, we only used 3 hrs to finish our mission but also make Bento and Eric look like this … Wahahah!!!

More Photo’s @ Dairy update on my Wedding Website
~ Bento will update the process!!! ... Stay Tune !!! :D ~
~ http://wedding.darizi.com/hk/blog/benyy/ ~

... And behide the scene need to waiting PPC to update lo ~


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Officially Announcement: Ji Mui Team Leader @ Heng Dai Team Leader

Ji Mui Team Leader ~ SK
Heng Dai Team Leader ~ Afoi

SK: u officially assign as "Ji Mui" team leader.

afoi: u officially assign as "Heng Dai" team leader.

All: As long as IC stated Is "Warganegara LELAKI" go "Heng Dai" team and "Warganegara Perempuan" go "Ji Mui" team... :P

Start .....

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

進入公司前 。。。~ 勁搞笑咯 ~

老闆: 萬分歡迎,無左你, 我地公司肯定好大分別!
職員: 如果工作量太多,我會辭職的。
老闆: 放心,我唔會比咁樣既事情發生!
職員: 我逢星期六日可以休息嗎?
老闆: 當然啦!哩個係底線!
職員: 平時會日日OT 到淩晨嗎?
老闆: 無可能,邊個話你聽架?
職員: 有餐費補貼嗎?
老闆: 唔洗講啦,絕對比同行都高!
職員: 有無做死人既風險?
老闆: 唔會!你點會有咁既念頭?
職員: 公司會定期搞旅遊嗎?
老闆: 哩個係我地明文規定!
職員: 那我需要準時返工嗎?
老闆: 唔會,睇情況啦。
職員: 人工呢?會準時出糧嗎?
老闆: 一定係啦!
職員: 所有工作都係新員工做嗎?
老闆: 邊有可能,你上面仲有好多資深既同事!
職員: 如果管理職位有空缺,我可以參與競爭嗎?
老闆: 唔洗問啦,哩個一直係我地公司賴以生存既方式!
職員: 你唔會係呃我掛?


進入公司後...... 由下面讀返上去