Sunday, November 23, 2008

Congratulations to my best friend ~ See Keat's

I wish See Keat's have a great year ahead as couple till their entire of life with a lot ... a lot of happiness and 早生贵子!!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Proposal ~ 12.10.2008

Last month, his proposal to me... He asks me a question
"Would you marry me ???"... 哈哈哈!Of cause I will say
"YES. I DO".
How he proposed to me ??? Is secret... your guys can have a guess. Tips: Inside his house... :P

*** Pls don’t learn from me, too fast say Yes. I Do Hmm... ***

Is a surprise proposal and when I receive the Ring I though he will buy a couple ring for me because every time when I stand in front the jewelry shop he always say "没看见!... 没看见!"
But when I OPEN the box ... ** Blink... Blink **...
is a Diamond Ring... 哈哈哈!

"How long his prepared this ???" according to him say around
two week. From the beginning, he try to do DIY flowers, but the outcome not really good. So no choice has to bring the flower’s
go to a shop for wrapping... He say the ideal is good cause the flower wont die ... ^_^".
Overall I feel sweet and touching... 哈哈哈!
Thanks BEN.

Now I want to announce to ALL.
我终于嫁的出啦 !!!